Dog Barrier for Truck



Introduction: Dog Barrier for Truck

We just got a new Dog her name is Onyx and her one goal in life is to lick everyone in the face all the time , even when we drive with her in the truck , so I made a barrier with some scrap materials I had around , if you need a barrier to keep the dog at Bay while driving , I am not too picky how my looks but you could use the same idea and make a nicer one with different materials to match your car or your taste

Step 1: Measure the Area You Want to Block and Lay Out a Frame

I first started by getting measurements of the area I wanted to block , in my case the center console area of my F150 , in my case it ended up being 48" tall and 16" wide , I had a bunch of scrap 2x4 so I used that, I cut pieces to length with a chop saw and set the frame out on the floor

Step 2: Cut Out and Install Garden Fencing

I also had some left over garden fencing , but you could also use chicken wire or maybe plexiglass with air holes in it , something transparent which let's you see out the back window and be able to check on the dog is best , I cut the garden fencing to size and used chicken wire fencing Staples to attach it to the frame

Step 3: Make a Second Frame and Screw It to the First

Next I cut more 2x4s and screwed them to the first frame , I made sure to overlap the first frame so that no seams lined up , this made it ridged enough that even if my dog jumps on it it's not going anywhere

Step 4: Install in the Truck

I made the frame to friction fit in the truck , I used some door shims to lock it in place , I know this hard on the headliner and carpets but this is and old truck and I don't mind , I also wanted to be able to push it out of the way in case of emergency or if I didn't have the dog with me and wanted to remove it , and that's it it's pretty quick and easy and makes driving with the dog much safer

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