Dog Bowl




Introduction: Dog Bowl

Make a dog food and water bowl.

Step 1: Trace and Cut

Cut a length of stock and trace circles to accommodate dog bowls.

Step 2: Round Edges

Round the edges with a sander.

Step 3: Edge

Use a router to round the surface edges.

Step 4: Find Circle Centers

Find the center of the circles by drawing a right angle from the center of three chords.Then drill.

Step 5: Legs

Cut stock for the holder legs.

Step 6: Shape

Cut the legs to the desired profile, touch up with a sander and route the surface edges.

Step 7: Glue

Glue the legs to the top.

Step 8: Sand

Sand surfaces smooth.

Step 9: Paint

Paint the wood and apply a doggy friendly waterproof clear coat.

Step 10: Chow Down



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    Nice one I made something similar for my dogs but bigger