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This time of the year all you need is a nice Summer hat to protect your skin from the burning heat.It is pretty warm over here in my area,so here is my awesome project for out side '' EASY CROCHET HAT / FOR BIGGINERS''

Actually this is for people who do not know to crochet-the title was too big so I wrote as for the biginners.....

Last year I learnt the basic crochet and knitting and am able to do a little bit but I don't know how to creat any big designs in crochet,so I came up with this idea for people who do not knot know to crochet.( include me too )This is simply very easy and any one can do it as long as they learn to do the chain stitches and single crochet which is pretty easy...It all depends on how neat you make it to look so gorgeous.I sent the final picture to my family and friends, looking at it every body was so surprised because I can not crochet to this extend.I have asked them to be patience until I publish. This Easy crochet hat is done with only chain stitches /band and bow is with single crochet. I have posted alot of pictures because I find it really cool and beautiful.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Yarn - 2 colors

Crochet needle to match the yarn -I used Number 3 & 4

Glue - Only tranparent glue

Pair of scissor

Tape measure -Optional

Tapistry needle

sewing needle

Matching threads to the yarn -not in picture :(

Step 2: Chain Stitches

My first chain stitches I learnt it from this Project .Very cleary explained easy to learn.THANKS!

Start with a slip knot and then then just crochet your heart out and go on and on..........I counted up to 2000 chain stiches ,and there after lost track of counting.There is more than 6000 chain stichen in the hat alone. I used one ball of yarn 50 grams /146 yard only for the bottom of the Hat

Step 3: Gluing the First Part

You need a nice big HAT.The diameter of this hat is 19 inches.

Before you start gluing, wrap the yarn on to a tube so that it does not get entangled.

Get glue sticks with a pointed small hole.You need alot of glue so be brepared to have extra.It all depends on how big the hat is going to be.I used uhu glue as well,but there is no big difference.

Apply glue at one point on the edge of the hat and start pasting the yarn .The first row will be a bit tricky ,there after it is super easy to paste.Apply glue for about 5 to 7 inches paste and continue.At the end of the first row slightly overlap and continue the rest of the hat. (refer image 8) While pasting please note that all the chain stitches are flat and the rows are next to each other with out any space.I have glued the bottom part in 3 steps.I pasted about 2 inches and let it dry for a couple of hours. I kept some heavy books over it until it is well dreid.

Step 4: 2nd & 3rd Part of Gluing

After pasting about 4 inches around the hat the yarn was getting twisted,and was a bit too difficult as I had to keep on straightning the yarn,so you will have to have a lot of patience when you come to this step.Do not paste all at once ,take a break and put some heavy books over it to dry.

Step 5: Complete Gluing

I have used one roll of yarn for the bottom of the hat and now I start with the second roll.Paste the end of the yarn on to the hat and start the new end slightly over it. Refer image 2.For the top part of the hat it is easy to paste with the hat hanging on your knee.See the above images.Once you complete gluing turn the hat upside and keep some thing heavy in the middle.In the last image you see the grinding stone in the middle.

Step 6: Contrast With a Belt Around

For the contrast belt around the hat I did 100 chain stitches ,to fit around the bottom part.(See image 2)Since the yarn stretches a bit do a little less than the required amount.

Step 1 -Once you have done the chain stitches insert the hook in the second chain from the hook,wrap the yarn around the hook and pull the new loop through the chain only.

Step 2 - Wrap the yarn around the hook and pull a loop through both loops on the hook.

Step 3 - One loop remains on the hook 1 single crochet made.Repeat 1 and 2 in each chain to end one row of single crochet. Image 8

Step 4 - Do one chain extra for turning and continue the second row. (turn facing you)

Step 5- End with a knot to secure and sew in tail with a tapestry needle.

step 6 -Attatch the creme belt to the hat using a sewing needle and matching thread.

The width of the creme band is 1/2 an ich -2 rows of single crochet

Step 7: Highlight It With a Bow.

I did 30 chain stitches and continue the band with single crochet .I have done seven rows of single crochet.The length of the band is 8 inches.Fold the band into two and join together ,tie a knot to secure and sew in tails.

Full length of the bow 4 inches ,width of the bow 11/2 inches.

A tiny little contrast band is done with 10 chain stitches ,and two rows of single crochet.

Gather the middle of the bow tightly having the join underneath and attach the little band over it.Pull tight and sew the band together.

Step 8: Admire!!

Attach the bow on to the hat and admire your work.

Thank you for taking time view my cool project.Your comments and votes are most welcome for this awesome Easy crochet Hat for biginners.

Thank you!!

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    4 years ago

    Congratulations Ayesha ! that hat looks really pretty :)

    1 reply
    786AyeshaPassion Make

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you dear,I am also still learning....Ah unfortunately no time to learn...So much to do ...Ah Ah thanks again for the vote ...


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Ya! Actually this is a nice project for people who do not know to crochet and the chain and single crochet is the first thing you learn....so it would go as biginners...


    4 years ago

    This has got to be one of the most creative ways to use a chain crochet I have ever seen!
    Thank you for sharing!