Easy Giant Zipper Hoodie




Introduction: Easy Giant Zipper Hoodie

Do you want a piece of clothing that's something different this fall and winter?

You will be sure to wow anyone with this hoodie with a giant zipper. It's not so flashy that it looks like a costume.

It's a peice of clothing that is just the right amount of unusual.

Let's make it.

Step 1: Just a Few Things...

Things you will be needing:

1. Old hoodie, new hoodie, home made hoodie, not even a hoodie, maybe a jacket :p

Make sure you wash it and dry it really well first. We want to get it to shrink before putting in the zipper.

2. Giant zipper which can be bought here.


or here


There are many colors, sizes, and lengths to choose from. Just make sure you buy the correct length. The zipper I used in this tutorial is a size #30.

3. sewing machine and thread.

4. pins

5. seam ripper

That's it. :D

Step 2: Remove Zipper...

First all you're going to want to do it take the existing zipper out of your existing hoodie.

You do this by finding the seams where it is sewed in. In the hoodie I selected, there are two sew lines. Just take your seam ripper and start cutting those sew lines, being careful not to cut the fabric.

Then just do the same for both sides of the zipper.

Step 3: Pin It, Sew It

Pin the new zipper onto where the last line you took out was placed.

Then just sew that down about a half an inch away from the zipper teeth. When you get down to the bottom end of the zipper it gets a bit harder to sew since it is through a peice of fabric. Just take this part slow and have a really good thick heavy duty needle on your sewing machine.

Step 4: Pin It Again, Sew It Again...

Then, you can pin down the second set of lines you will be sewing.

Go ahead and sew those lines. Then if there are any other little lines that came undone while you were seam ripping, just sew them back down. Sweatshirt fabric is very forgiving so there is a lot of room for mistakes if you make any.

Step 5: Look Awesome!

If you'd lie to make any other edits like add patches, use fabric paints, weather it, whatever.

Make that hoodie your own and look awesome!

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    24 Discussions

    awesome! it kind of looks like organization xiii coat from kingdom hearts series

    This is truly mega-awesome! Thank you so so much. ^o^

    ...And to share what we do on that silly bottom stabilizing mesh, we either hand-sew just that part after regular machine-sewing the rest of the seam - or manually walk the sewing machine needle (i.e. hand-crank the wheel and not use the foot pedal) to guide it best into the fabric holes so it doesn't hit any plastic crisscrosses. But yeah, that is the slow and careful part.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the comment. Your coats are extremely amazing and your work is something I have admired for some time. I just hope I could send a few sales your way with the giant zippers. :)

    wow you're not kidding - that is one giant zipper! Great instructable!

    Very nice sweetie! I taught all my kids to sew (2 girls and 1 boy). My girls now sew a lot, and even though my son's glad I taught him too, he doesn't tell anyone else:-) You are very creative, keep it up!

    cool but i would not want to get something caught in that, and you look really stunning in this too.

    I can just imagine the scene in the bathroom. "I really gotta pee!!"

    Nice! Just don´t get your chin caught in this zipper :-)

    This is really unusual, creative, and interesting. Nice instructable.

    These giant zippers are awesome, I've never seen them before. It's kinda cartoonish-looking and messes with reality - I love it! The zippers are not as much as I thought they'd be. Getting some. : )

    Looks like someone is going to cosplay Sylvia from the Fanboys soon.

    That is so WAYYY cool! I am going to buy and sew these on EVERYTHING!

    I once bought a backpack just for the giant zipper it had! I had no idea you could just get them on their own! Cool!

    WHOA! I had no idea that giant zippers existed! Do you think you could post a picture of the zipper you removed next to the giant one for a size reference? Also, did adding a larger zipper make the hoodie a bit bigger because of the larger teeth? Thanks!

    1 reply

    yes I will definitely provide a picture of the zipper size difference. Also it did make the jacket a little bigger. But I needed to scale it down anyways because it was way too big. IT is very easy to make a sweatshirt smaller. Sounds like a good idea for another tutorial. :p