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Summer is here, and it's time to show off your toes in some cute sandals, or run along the beach barefoot.  Show your artistic side and have cute designs on your nails!

There are a lot of great instuctables about nails out there, such as how to do a manicure or pedicure that will last, how to make custom colored nail polish, and DIY pedicure.

This instructalbe will show you how to make stencils that will allow you to make perfect designs on your nails - even with your non dominant hand!  So get your nails all nice and fixed up, grab some fun colored nail polish and lets get started!

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Step 1: Cut Outs

I placed my patten paper in a sheet protecter, using the knife carefully cut out the shaded in pieces.  The shapes should fit on your nail, and be rather simple.  I just used a sharpie and made some nice little designs.  

After you have the shape cut out of the sheet protecter, place a pice of tape on it (but do not push down on it) try to apply as little pressure as possible.  Simply use the hole from the sheet protecter to guide the way you cut the tape.

Try to have all the pieces you want cut out and on the tape before you start painting.  This will make things easier when you have wet nails.

Step 2: Tape

If you want a base coat, make sure to have it on and dried.  

Pull the tape from the sheet protector, this can be difficult, but don't worry too much.  Try to keep it from ripping too much, but a little won't hurt.  When applying the tape to your nail, try to insure the places that should be touching are.  In other words, make sure that any edges of ripped tape meet with the corresponding edges.

Step 3: Paint

Simply paint over the tape, it doesn't need to be clean.  Before the paint dries carefully remove the tape and throw it away.  

Step 4: Layers, Finish Up, and Show Them Off!

Now for the fun part.  Use layers and different shapes to make your nails 100% unique!  I would add a clear coat, because using different layers will make it very uneven.  

Don't forget to take a picture and show your new nails off! I would love to see!  

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7 Discussions


3 years ago

SO clever! Doing THIS in less then an hour! (After I Christmas shop fro my mom lol)


4 years ago on Introduction

I know someone who says you can do this on the computer and they mail it to your house. You can make your own art online http://www.ChrisCarlson.JamberryNails.net/NAS/


8 years ago on Step 1

....Why are we putting tape on the page protector stencil? Is this to make it stronger? If so, maybe clear packing tape might work better?


8 years ago on Step 4

I dont understand how you did this, at all. I understand cutting out the shape from the sheet, but how did the hole/stencil get in the tape? Don't understand.


9 years ago on Introduction

What a great idea! I really like the first picture on the last step, I think I want to try that (: