Easy Snowflake Nail Art




Introduction: Easy Snowflake Nail Art

This is how I do snowflakes nail art. For the start I used a striper brush by strip right I use a bottle of white polish a dotting tool and top coat. You also want to use a base coat if you are polishing natural nails.

Step 1: Place a Large X

Okay guys so you're basically going to want to place a large x on your nails this will form the large part of the snowflake so keep that in mind when placing it. I chose to put a few of mine on center just because I feel it looks better but you could do them all uniform

Step 2: Adding a Cross

So next what I did was add a cross between the space in the x , you're going to make the smaller lines than the x that you formed previously.

Step 3: Balls

For the dots I used a dotting tool and white polish from a bottle. just dot the ends of each line that you've created on you x and cross.

Step 4: Arms and a Whispy Middle

Once you've completed your dots add little upward facing arms to all of the large xes that you drew. You can add arms 2 more of the lines but I like the way they look on just the large X's. after you added all of your arms then go back into the center of your snowflake and using your striper brush pull out little Whisps in between any lines you created

Step 5: Top Coat

Your design of with a shiny top coat and be careful when pulling your top coat over your design because they can tend to bleed. Happy holidays!

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