Edible Flower Garden



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Intro: Edible Flower Garden

Afternoon snacking!

Right after school usually my kinder boy comes home saying he's hungry and I don't want to offer him similar snacks or foods that I prepared him for recess and lunch to avoid boredomeness (hahah is that even a word? lol)

So I often play with the food to make him finish whatever is served on the table.

One of them is this flower garden :)

Step 1: Ingredients

For this flower garden you will need:


Celery stalk

Plum tomatoes


Basil leaves


Baby Carrots

Step 2: Method

Wash clean all veggies, pat to dry

Slice cucumber thinly and stack them as petals

Slice celery stalk as shown on picture, making branches

Place plum tomato on the center of petals and place basil leaves on the branches

Slice baby carrots into sticks and just place them at the end of the celery stalk

Give dirts (raisins)

Halve cashews and transform them into butterfly (the antennae are made of cucumber skin)

Your edible flower garden is ready :)

My son loves dipping the veggies in mayo, a bit odd lol but you can serve it with any other dressing your family like!



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