No Slip Eyeglass Wedgees on the Cheap

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Many years ago my husband figured out a way to keep his glasses from slipping down his nose while he was working.  He has used this method ever sense.  It is cheap,  fast,  and easy.  This tutorial is how he solved this problem. I found one place that sells Wedgees and they run about 6 dollars a pair. .

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Step 1: Supplies

What you will need:
  • 2 pencil pillows
  • Double sided Scotch Tape ( regular tape will work)
My husband likes the longer versions the best but we can't find them in our area.  He buys his at the Dollar store.  

Step 2: Method

How to attach:

Slip the pencil pillows over the ear pieces.
Adjust where they are comfortable.
Eyeball where to wrap the tape.
Remove the pencil pillows.

Step 3:

Wrap the double sided tape around the ear pieces.
Slip the pencil pillows over the tape of each ear piece.

Step 4: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

The pencil pillows last for a long time.  An occasional cleaning is necessary unless you just just want to replace them.  He is very happy with the results.  

Thank you for stopping by and please have a Happy Fall!

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    We (you and me) are a little similar, in that we are always thinking a thing to make more comfortable the life.

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