F.T.S.M.R Made Form Lemonpickle His Kiparis! Thanks Dude!

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hi there, i'm gonna show you my F.T.S.M.R.
whats stands for, Folding Thompson Sub Machine Riffle!

1: folded up and mag removed
2: folded up
3: the mag removed form the gun
4: the gun without mag
5: the gun with mag

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    3 years ago

    I never actually saw this. But the fact that you built sonething off my creation makes me vary happy xD

    1 reply

    Cool! I like how it folds! It seems very customizable. Nice drawer. Very organized looking. I used to have drawers like that till I replaced it with a bookshelf.... I put Nerf guns on that bookshelf...^^

    1 reply

    hehe, thanks
    it's mod able yes, you can mod it to shoot
    oh the drawers?
    i kinda never use them
    i modded it into an AK47 and then i broke it up )=


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    oh, it doesn't shoot!
    i rarely make shooting guns
    but it can be modifeted to shoot!
    the tigger isn't made for the shooting work