Feature Wall for Nursery - Trees on Burlap


Introduction: Feature Wall for Nursery - Trees on Burlap

About: My husband, cats and I live in beautiful Portland, OR. We welcomed our first child in May and had a so much fun preparing a room and our world for him. We are students and work but when we have free time we ...

Our first son will be born in less than a month. We are almost finished with our very ambitious nursery decorating endeavors. His room has this very awkward wall we wanted to paint a forest scene on.  However, we are renters and wanted to be able to take our mural with us when we move. Our solution was to use burlap coffee bags sewn together as our canvas. The entire step-by-step process can be seen on our blog.



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    What a great way to dress up a wall! :) Those trees are gorgeous too.