Fence With Pallet Wood

Pallets generate ideas and cover practical needs. The result is nice and useful especially when you protect such nice flowers.

I created the fence parts by using whole pallets, removing the two bottom rows and the half back (seen them vertically).

Keeping the three upper rows and the "legs" I pacted them in the ground, connecting one next to the other. You see the details in the next steps.

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Step 1: Connectors

Connecting a set with the next, a bigger log was used in a cut of 45 degrees angle supporting the half pallet sufficiently and simultaneously adding a "note" in the monotonous rail.

Step 2: Incorporating Trees

Trees should be included in the plan, so a deviation was designed in a lower height using the log connectors at the corners in the same style, (cut in a 45 degrees angle).

Seen from different angles it looks complicated, well assembled and attractive.

I hope this project generates more designs and ways of using pallet wood to the viewers.

Thank you all for your visits and comments.

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    4 years ago

    What a great idea!! I love working with pallets but I have never seen a fence like this! Thanks