Gas Canister Sleeve




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How I make a gas canister sleeve

I hope, It is helpful by this flowing steps.

Step 1: Make a Pattern for Leather and Cut

Only two types of patterns are needed.

One is a donut shape and the other is a rectangle.

Step 2: Cut Leather for Upper Parts in a Circle

I used a special tool.

Is called a Circle cutter.

It doesn't matter if you cut it yourself.

Step 3: Edge Creasing on Leather / Prepare for Sewing

I used a divider.

Step 4: Punch

I used a divider to adjust the spacing.

Important : the number of holes in both patterns should be the same.

In my case, there were 45.

Step 5: X-stitcing on Leather

One line looked so weak that it sewed two lines at the same time.

Step 6: Joining the Top and Side Parts

Put the top and the bottom together.

Step 7: Cross Stitch From Beginning to End

Pay attention to the shape and spacing of the stitch.

Step 8: Done!

Simple props were created.



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    May I reprint your article, please?