Grilled Cheese on Bread

Introduction: Grilled Cheese on Bread

Have you got a couple of sandwiches left, some cheese, an oven, and 5 minuten of time? Than you've got to try this!

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Step 1: Preparations

Step 1

Take a slice of bread, any bread will do.

Step 2

Take a slice of cheese, make sure the cheese doesn't go over the edge of your bread, or it will drip off.

Step 3

Seasoning! Use any seasoning you like, you can also put a slice of tomato on top, or whatever you like!

Step 2: Grill It

Put your cheese sandwich under the grill, untill the cheese melts.

Step 3: Eat It!

I don't think that the last step needs a lot of expanation ;-)



If you like it, you can drop your recepy in the comments section.

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