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Introduction: Halloween Candy Fused Plastic Bags

Halloween Candy bags have the coolest graphics. I upcycle them into permanent useful objects by fusing several layers of plastic bags, and then sewing the fused plastic into accessories and bags.
These are some zippered pencil cases or makeup pouches I made from cool Halloween Candy bags. The Witch bag won third-place prize in the DIY Halloween Contest (in the green category).



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    hi..your bags are gorgeous!! i was just wondering, does the procedure for fusing these wrappers the same as fusing plastics? what if the wrappers are foil lined? will it fused easily? and will the graphic ruined from the fusing process?

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    Foil lined bags do not want to fuse, and the plastic shrinks while the metal does not so they end up all curly and weird.
    If I want to make something form a foil lined bag, I use a technique where I sandwich it between fabric and clear vinyl, and sew the item that way.
    Heat is never used in the process- it's just sewing.

    You can see an example here:

    Can u make these the same way as you make the other cosmetic bags.. I love them all. there way different. and i love to be different

    these are fabulous! your tutorial very good too. My family already thinks I am wacky with what I save and recycle. Can't wait to further confound them when I start on these projects.

    These are GRAND! I am wondering if there are unhealthy fumes when fusing the plastic...do you need to ventilate while working on this?

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    There are very few fumes because you don't actually burn or melt the plastic, but I still recommend having ventilation when fusing. I have a full tutorial up now on how to fuse plastic bags. (which includes ventilation)