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In this project I will show you how to make your own Halloween Scary House Lamp with flickering effect and pumpkin face which cast shadow on wall behind lamp. I prepared step by step instruction and video for you. This project is very cheap and easy. I think if this lamp is very nice decor for halloween.

Let's get started!


- plywood (i used 6mm)
- plexi
- orange foil or plexi
- led strips
- optional few electronic parts (step 6)
- screws
- electric wires


- hot glue gun
- bandsaw or cnc router
- screwdriver
- sandpaper
- glue

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Step 1: Watch the Video

Video will give you a good overview on how to create such a scary house lamp. But the following steps will still contain some extra useful information.

Step 2: Cut Plywood

First you have to cut wood, you can use my template (download below). I used plywood 6mm. To cut this i used cnc router but you can use band saw or hand saw. After cutting use sandpaper to smooths the edges. When wooden parts are ready paint them (I used black spray).

Step 3: Walls

To made walls I used 2mm PCV (very similar to plexiglass but more flexible). Inside lamp I made cylindrical wall. There is a 1W power led which cast shadow of halloween punmkin on wall behind the lamp. To cut pumpkin "face" I used foil and template (download below). I used this same foil to make windows. To bottoms of house I glued piece of plywood for screws.

Step 4: Lights

In my lamp I used white led strips and 1W power led. Leds are connected to wood with hot glue.

Step 5: Glue All Parts

Now glue all parts of lamp. I used polymer glue.

Step 6: Flickering, Eletronic, Arduino...

If you wanna have flickering effect in your lamp follow this step. To make flickering effect I used arduino and Attiny85 microcontroller. Electronic schematic is on picture. Program is very simple (below) but how you can see on video my lamp flickering and sometimes light is turned off for very little moment. If you don't like "turn on" effect, change value in analogWrite(1, random(100)+160) line from 160 to 155.


void setup()



void loop()


analogWrite(1, random(100)+160);



Step 7: Finish

Connect electronic circuit with bottom cover, screw cover to lamp and your lamp is completely finished :)

You did it! You just created your own Halloween Scary House Lamp.

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If you have any questions leave a comment below :)

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13 Discussions


2 years ago

Few questions about electronic bit. I have not done any stuff like this before, so just looking at the photos and try to guess what is it sometimes is impossible. So, what is on that orange circuit board that you insert attiny85? How is it connected to arduino?
Green circuit board. What is that big black block? I'd wish there was a photo of all connections on green board from above.

3 replies

The orange circuit is connected to arduino. This is my diy attiny shield to programing attiny. Shield is connected to arduino with gold pins. The big black block (with hole) is a LM7805 (5V Voltage Regulator), because I used 12v power supply. Thanks to LM7805 I have 5V for attiny. I can't take a photo of green board because I send lamp to my friend (It was a gift).


Can it run on batteries? :) And block I meant not LM7805, but big rectangular one, which I think has written something that start with 5.


Yes, you can use battery. Probably you think about big resistor(5W).I used this to power led 1W, because if you wanna connect 3v led to 12V you must use resistor.


2 years ago

There are no templates attached for Halloween Scary House with circle and pumpkin face.

2 replies

2 years ago

I love the flickering light in the windows and the pumpkin template on the wall in AWESOME! I want to make one of these!

1 reply