Hand Painted Broidery Pattern on Pot



Long ago I made a lot of broidery an nowadays my hobby is to paint pots, so I decided to connect the two.

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Step 1: Preparations

First it is good to sand the pot to make sure it is smooth, for that you can use an abrasive sponge for example.

Then remove the dust with a moist cloth and then let it dry.

The first layer here is light acrylic paint and you can use sponge brush.

Multiple layers will help to better cover the pot's original color.

Step 2: Contours

For the edge of the pattern you can simply use a pencil and then just draw on the surface of your pot.

Step 3: Fill Up With Colors

I prefer to go with one color for the whole so just fill with green the stem.

Step 4: Rest of the Colors

And then just go with the rest of the colors for the flowers like yellow, red, pink, lilac, orange.

Step 5: Base

You can also paint the base for it to have a better setup.

Step 6: Result

It is looking the best on a embroidered cloth.

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    3 Discussions


    6 weeks ago

    What a very cool idea. I love the finished look on the pot. It has a beautiful design.

    1 reply

    Reply 6 weeks ago

    Thank you for writing that you like it, since this is my first public appearance :)


    6 weeks ago

    The design came out so sweetly!