Hand Stamped Diy Holly Wrapping Paper.




Introduction: Hand Stamped Diy Holly Wrapping Paper.

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Over the weekend I decided to have a go at making my own hand stamped wrapping paper. I'd enjoyed making my last lot of custom eraser stamps so much that it seemed like the perfect time to have another go, this time with a christmas holly theme.After all, what gift isn't going to be instantly more special if it's wrapped in one of a kind hand stamped paper?

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Step 1:

Things you'll need to make these Diy Holly Eraser Stamps:

Kraft paper.
Lino/Stamp cutting tool.
A cutting mat.
A craft knife.
And some sketches of your stamp design.

1. Draw or transfer your design onto the eraser. Remember any design you choose needs to be a mirror image otherwise when you come to print your design it'll be the wrong way round.

2. Use the small 'v' shaped blade in the cutting tool to cut around the outline of your design. You want to cut away any negative space (the part you don't want to print).

3. Next use the flatter blade to cut away the larger areas surrounding your design.

Step 2:

4. Cut away any excess eraser surrounding your design using a craft knife. Remember because the eraser is soft it will bend when you apply pressure. Any excess around the design can catch on the ink pad and make your end stamped design messy.

5. Make sure to do a test run first. Tap an ink pad onto your stamp and press firmly onto the paper. Check for any places where you've not cut the eraser away enough and the ink has caught.

4. If you need to clean up your stamp before going back in with your cutting tool and neatening up any raised areas or uneven edges. You might need to do this a few times.

Step 3:

5. When you're happy with your finished design ink up your custom eraser stamp and start printing.

6. Once the ink has dried start wrapping. 

I think the best thing about using kraft paper as gift wrap is that it's so easy to customise and tie in with any theme. I love the white ink against the brown paper but a metallic gold would also look great. Check out this pin using brown paper, string, a white marker and some greenery from the garden. Sweet and simple.

Happy wrapping everyone.

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