Step by Step Instructions for hand washing

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Step 1: Turn on the Water

Turn the handle to turn on the water to desired temperature

Step 2: Wet Hands

Place hands under running water and completely wet entire hands

Step 3: Squirt Soap

Using one hand to push pump down place other hand under spout to catch the soap.

Step 4: Rub Hands With Soap

Rub hands together with soap, soap should build foam, rub all the way to wrists and in between fingers. You can sing happy birthday to know you have lathered soap long enough.

Step 5: Rinse Hands

Rinse hands under the water until all the soap is gone

Step 6: Tear a Paper Towel From Roll

Step 7: Turn Off Water

Step 8: Dry Hands

Use paper towel to completely dry hands

Step 9: Throw Paper Towel Into the Trach Can

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