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Introduction: Hello Kitty Tissue Cover

I am absolutly in love with hello kitty (some say i'm insane)! I actually made this project for a friend who really appreciated it. Here's the instructable on how to make your very own!


Felt (white, pink, black, yellow)
sewing machine or thread and needle
fabric glue, craft glue

This has been based on an original project in this book : http://www.amazon.com/Aranzi-Cute-Stuff-Aronzo/dp/1934287091

Step 1:

To start off with, take your white felt or fabric. Measure and cut out a piece that is 23.5 cm by 15 cm. Then divided your piece into three sections by making light lines with a pencil. The first section should measure 7cm, the 2nd should be 10 cm and the third section should measure 6.5 cm. Consult the picture for further explanations.

Step 2:

Next, measure 1 cm at the end and top. Fold it down to create a hem. Iron it down or pin it down if needed. This will create a cleaner finished product for the opening.

Step 3:

Then flip your work on the other side to start creating the face. Don't draw any lines on it and there should not already be some.
The eyes and nose go on the first part. Once you have the face you want, glue or sew it on. Make sure your face doesnt reach the edges cause we will be sewing them closed.

Step 4:

Make the face side facing you. Fold part one down the line that you marked at the back. Then fold part 2 at the line you had marked at the back. Part 2 should overlap part 1.

Step 5:

It should look like this once you folded everything. Mark about 1 cm on the two open ends and sew these closed. If you're using a sewing machine, do a 1/4in. seam.

Step 6:

Almost done! Once you've closed off your edges, take your piece and flip it inside out. Now you just need some finishing touches. I cut out a pink felt bow and sewed it onto one corner and also sewed on some whiskers with back thread (or you can use black fabric paint). You are done!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    well excuse them because i love hello kitty too! let dem peeps call me insane too! ^-^ and i love this idea! its absolutely tutely adorable!


    6 years ago

    Thanks this is great!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I actually have that book and made a few tissue holders to match some aprons I made. I just used the leftover scrap fabric. I would never have thought of making a Hello Kitty one! However, this has inspired me to make a TMNT one, which I will post here once it's done. Thank you for the inspiration ^_^