Hollywood Gunshot Blood Effect!

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Here's how to create a home-made hollywood style gunshot effect! Great for amateur filmmakers or for Halloween! Alicia helps me, Kipkay, demonstrate it along with a full video instructable...

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Step 1: What You Will Need for This Effect...

Pick up a small garden sprayer at your local home improvement store. You will also need about a 3-5 foot length of clear tubing, a small clamp, a cork that will fit in the end of the tubing and a small piece of sponge.

Step 2: Fake Blood for the Effect.

Take a teaspoon or two of Arrowroot which you can find in health food stores. Heat a small pot of water and add the Arrowroot. Stir continuously until the mixture becomes thicker. Add a small amount of red children's non-toxic paint and stir in. The mixture should now be bright red. Add a tiny amount of red food coloring until you get the color right. Store in a bottle and thin it out by adding water to make the blood the required consistency for when you need it. For bullet hits you need to thin the blood quite a bit to allow it to spray out.

Step 3: Attach the Tubing...

Attach the tubing to the garden sprayer using the hose clamp.

Step 4: Create the Blood Hole...

Using a razor knife or razor blade, cut a mangled hole in the tubing, about an inch from the other end of tubing.

Step 5: Finish Off the End...

Tear up some small pieces of sponge and insert them into the mangled hole you just cut. Then pour in about 2 ounces of fake blood and seal the end with the cork.

Step 6: Attach the Rig to the Shirt...

You want to find a cheap used shirt to cut a hole in. I found two at a local Salvation Army store. Then using gaffers tape (you could use duct tape but it will leave sticky residue on the tubing) attach the tubing to the shirt with the mangle hole faced through the small hole you cut in the shirt.

Step 7: Pump It Up and Get Ready!

Now pump up the garden sprayer a good 150-200 times...

Step 8: Pull the Trigger!

Pull the trigger on the pump and stand back...blood will explode through the tubing and out of the shirt, blasting the 'sponge guts' out all over...Have Fun!!!



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4 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for posting this, I have a few questions. Roughly how large in diameter do I make the jagged hole? Mine is around an 1/8" and I am having trouble getting sponge into it, I worry it wont blow it out if I stuff it too tight. When you pour the blood in, do you try to keep the blood near the squib hole? Does it matter if it drains down the line toward the garden sprayer? It seems like the closer it stays to the hole the better timed the squib will be. I thought about making a little loop on the hose to keep the blood from draining too far away from the exit hole... Does that matter? Thanks, your videos are so professional.


Great video, but to make it look more realistic, the actress needs to react the proper way to where the bullet is entering.

We do this in stunt training. ;)

still, a great little tutorial.


9 years ago on Introduction

you should make one that looks like you are vomiting!


Yeah I have seen this before and for single gun shots it is great. Has anyone seen a design for multiple gun shots that used compressed air?

2 replies

Just got back from an air component specialty shop. Bought an 8-way manifold with 2 inputs, not sure who makes it. Then got four MJV-3s (3way poppet valve), and four pc-2s (buttons) made by Clippard. Then just sealed the rest of the outputs and the input with butts(?), hooked up my 300PSI (max PSI for the valves) air cannister to the input, hooked hoses up to the MJV-3s and pop, pop, pop, pop. Bloody beautiful. 


9 years ago on Introduction

is it possible to use spraypaint with a modded spraying tip?


11 years ago on Introduction

im planning on scaring the holy crap out of ppl on haloween. how can i make this in a small enough package to be concealed while still having the same effect here?

2 replies

10 years ago on Introduction

It would be nice if we could see step one and two.


12 years ago on Introduction

you pump it 200 times and get "shot" how dose the blood come out?