Home Made Charging Station

Turn Your Desk From This

Step 1: To This for Cheap

Step 2: Hi Guys This Is My Second Instructables So Please Bear With Me. So What You Will Need Is a Material Basket (I Got Mine From the Dollarama) a Power Bar That Fits in the Basket, Your Devices, and Your Cables

Step 3: Plug Everything In

Step 4: Put You Devices on the Basket So You Know Where to Poke the Cords Through

Step 5: Then Poke the Cords Through and Plug in Your Devices

Step 6: Then Tuck Everything Under the Basket and Your Done

Step 7: This Is an Easy Way to Hide Your Ugly Cords It Looks Great and Is Functional. Thanks for Reading Also This Is an Entry in the Organization Contest So If You Could Vote This I Would Really Appreciate It Thanks

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