Homemade Body Scrub With Organic Lavender Honey





Introduction: Homemade Body Scrub With Organic Lavender Honey

This homemade body scrub has become a necessary step for me and my poorly cared for skin. As skin care products are now a luxury for me because of both lack of time and money, that eventually took a toll on my skin's appearance and quality. I've lately become the unlucky owner of a terrible skin rash, dry patches all over the body and more pimples than I've ever though one could possibly get. I see it as a cry of despair from my poor skin and a sign I must find time to take care of it.

Since I'm no stranger to making my own homemade body scrub I've decided to give it another try this time looking for help within the babies as well as sweets department. That's right! I've purchased baby oil, honey and brown sugar and I'm not ashamed to admit it I pretty much love my decision.

I ended up spending a little over $20 for 500gr brown sugar and 1 bottle baby oil ( I already had honey in the house) and I've only used a small part of those ingredients for the homemade body scrub batch I've done this time.

Step 1: Ingredients

200gr Brown sugar

4 Spoons Lavender honey

20ml Lavender Baby oil (could be chamomile, citrus, non scented etc)

1 Glass jar

Step 2: Directions

Start by placing a small amount of the brown sugar in a bowl, add honey then half of the recommended baby oil.

Mix together well with a teaspoon. Be extra careful not to crush the brown sugar so smooth moves would be recommended. Add sugar bit by bit.

When the mixture gets too thick, add some baby oil.

Continue until all brown sugar and baby oil are incorporated into the mixture.

Gently transfer to a jar and keep refrigerated, if the temperature in the house is too high.



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    6 Discussions

    Thx, i have relllllly dry skin and this helps a lot :)

    I've been looking for a good body scrub recipe, so thank you :)

    Awesome I went to Florida and saw some at a restaurant for $18 this is so much better!

    Aw, thank so much. It's really nice indeed, to my surprise. I thought it'd be sticky and too oily but the baby oil is really soft. I'm planning to try a different one soon.