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A couple of weeks ago I tried my hand at making croissants! And I have to say, even though it was time-consuming and confusing at first, it was well worth it. Many people never attempt it and I say "You should!" It's actually not quite as confusing as it seems and the final product is amazing. I was surprised I made some that looked exactly like the ones in the supermarkets. I used a recipe for laminated dough which makes this croissant has its many layers. The dough's concept is pretty much to layer butter and dough by folding and re-folding it. The butter melts when baked and created the many layers you see. After hours of rolling out the dough, the croissants are then shaped into its crescent form and ready to be baked. The baking process is also essential to croissants, especially if you have more than one tray going in. I made some pineapple jam to go with it and they tasted amazing. Definitely fluffy and the outside was perfectly crunchy.

Now I didn't put the recipe up yet, so I decided to add some photos of these oh-so-amazing treats. I really like these photos I've took. I incorporated aspects of my Food Photography Through a Novice's Eyes tips and they came out pretty good. Is there any particular photo you particularly liked? I would love to know. I promise to have this recipe up soon though!

Here it is! The recipe for these delicious croissants can be found here!



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