Honda ABS Sensor Replacement




Introduction: Honda ABS Sensor Replacement

Here's how to replace the ABS sensor on a Honda Accord.

This also applies to other Honda and Acura vehicles, such as the Acura TSX, TL, Civic, CRV, Element, Odyssey, etc.

Step 1: ABS Sensor Location

The ABS sensor is responsible for sending pulses from the wheel to the computer. This will monitor the wheels rotation, telling the computer if the vehicle is skidding and to apply the anti-lock braking system if necessary.

The connector for the sensor is located behind the fender, under the hood.

Follow the wire through the wheel well to the upper control arm.

And then down to the steering knuckle where its held in by a 10mm bolt.

Step 2: Verify the Sensor Is Malfunctioning

Measure the resistance at the connector. A good sensor should be 450 mega ohms.

I also cut the wire closer to the sensor to measure the resistance, just in case there was a break in the wire.

Step 3: Remove the Rusty Sensor

Well of course the sensor is going to break at the steering knuckle! Everything is rusted in there.

Now you'll have to remove the steering knuckle and drill out whats left of the sensor.

Step 4: Disconnect the Steering Knuckle

The steering knuckle is attached at the upper ball joint, brakes, lower ball joint, CV axle nut and outer tie rod.

Once the knuckle is removed remove the ABS ring to see whats left of the sensor.

Step 5: Drill Out the Old Sensor

Take your time using a drill and open up the hole where the sensor was located. Many bits and pieces will come out, so make sure you clean the area where the ABS sensor reads against, and don't damage the bearing.

Step 6: Install the New ABS Sensor

A Dorman sensor was used to replace the original Honda sensors.

Once the knuckle was installed on the car, then I replaced the sensor, because I didn't want to risk breaking the new sensor.

Run the wires back up the upper control arm and connect it to the vehicle's wiring harness.

A good sensor will measure 450 mega ohms.

Step 7: Reset the ABS Light

The ABS light should come off once the sensor has been replaced. If not, use a scanner or pull the battery to reset the codes.

Now you can finally have peace of mind that you have working anti-lock brakes on your Honda.

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    4 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Step 7

    Hello, Thank you for your guidance of changing sensors.. I have followed everything however I have cleared the fault code but the light is still illuminated and the car shows no fault codes.. Do you know what I could do?


    1 year ago

    I just replaced mine - I wish I had come across your instructions first. Well written.
    The steps are similar for other vehicles - i also had to drill out my sensor.
    I will also need to clean or replace the ABS tone ring or adjust the gap between the sensor and the tone ring.


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction


    where is the the exact location for ABS sensor (connector -Engine side)

    appreciate if you could show clear picture. many thanks.