Horticultural Solar Panel




Intro: Horticultural Solar Panel

In this very simple instructable I'll describe the construction of a simple Panel designed to keep sun exposure in favour a greater amount of horticultural cultivation possible, which is very useful when you have tight spaces, or, as in my case it was calculated a bit downwards the foliar expansion capabilities of our vegetables.

In my case it is a cultivation of melons that you find to be a bit squeezed between a cultivation of tomato and the border of the garden and it was climbing everywhere indiscriminately just to collect a bit of light.

Step 1: The Components

I thought so to lighten a bit the situation, building a terracing system that the DIY that would give a bit of breathing space and light to the plants, but that could be reused several times and in different situations.

I have come to the aid of pallets a bit different from the usual lying; I think any type of pallet can fit for purpose.

Step 2:

The operation, very easy to run was to cover with a plastic mesh (very cheap in my case) the pallets themselves by fixing them with nails or staples with wooden profiles.

Then, using the network as elastic joint, I created the support to keep tilted to the desired position on the Panel, always through a tightening at Staples.

Step 3: Sul Campo...

That's it: we were already at the final stage: the installation in the field.

Very gently, to damage as little as possible the leaves and branches, I started to untangle the "forest" in order to make climbing in terraces as well as possible.

To keep climbing the branches just installed I placed here and there of the twines of support that will support all until the branches themselves will be attacked through the natural curls to which nature has endowed them.

When the melons are grown and will begin to weigh I will block them with a plastic mesh bag to everyone (I think I will use such as those typically used in packs of lemons), attached to plastic, so that the weight does not cause damage.

It's all ...

Thanks to those who will appreciate a greetings to all!




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    2 years ago

    Nice idea! A double support leg on the back might provide more stability, but these could be good "mobile" support trellises. Thanks!

    1 reply