How I Organize My Rainbow Loom

Introduction: How I Organize My Rainbow Loom

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Heyo! This is my very first instructable, I hope you enjoy! Note: I updated this to go with my current storage. The organizer and rainbow loom are from Michael's. Ready for Step 1? Well here it is!

Step 1: First Half

Here is my first half!

The first pockety-thingy, or whatever it's called includes black, white and hooks.

The second has red, orange and yellow bands.

The third has green, blue, and purple bands.

The fourth has my loom, and the fifth has my clips. There sure is a pile of them!

Step 2: Second Half

This is my second half of my organizer.

It includes pink, green, my monster tail loom, camo striped bands, jelly mix, and I have

my mini looms, my finger loom, and random things I've made that I've crammed into there.

Step 3: Tips

1. I recommend if you don't have a case with repositionable dividers or many pockets, then put two or more colors that blend well together in the same pockets.

2. If you have any refill packs that you haven't opened, don't try to cram them in your case if you don't have space because I have multiple packs of bands that I haven't opened. Just wait until you need them!

3. If you are organizing your bands, do it little by little. It helps a lot!

Step 4: That's All Folks!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and I hope it helped you in any way! Bye!

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