How to Make a Lego Battle Droid!

A Lego droid equipped with blasters, wheels, wings and armour.

Step 1: Wheels

First, start with a piece that is used to attach wheels.

Step 2: Wheels

Find 2 red wheels. Attach them to the Lego.

Step 3: Body

Find a 2X2 flat Lego. Attach to the wheels.

Step 4: Body

Grab a 2x1 Lego. But it on the back.

Step 5: Body

Find another 2x1 Lego but with little lines.

Step 6: Wings

Find a tilted piece. Put it on the back.

Step 7: Wings.

Attach 3 flat Lego with 1 stub. Side by side.

Step 8: Arms

Add a flat Lego with 2 lines beside.

Step 9: Head

Find a slope Lego. Put it on the top.

Step 10: Helmet

Find another 2x1 flat and piece with 1 stub. Put a tiny slope piece and put it on the top.
You're done!

Step 11: Ideas

You could make a different helmet.
If you want you can add more stuff to it and make it a different colour.



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