How to Fossilize a Snowflake

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This will be my 8th Instructable so far and it is on how to make a snowflake fossil. This is somewhat what it would look like when it is done!

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

You Will Need Super Glue, Tweezers, Glass, Black Construction Paper, and a piece of plastic.

Step 2: Getting the Cold On

You need to place the tweezers, glass, and superglue in the freezer for no longer than 10 minutes. (It wouldn't hurt it it is just the glue will freeze.) My camera lens always get foggy when it gets cold.

Step 3: The Makings

Pick up a snowflake from the construction paper, put a little superglue on the glass, then set the snowflake on the superglue, then put the piece of plastic over the superglue.

Step 4: The Freezer Again!!!!

Put the glass in the freezer then take it out 48 hours later and get a magnifying glass and then you can see it. (My Camera can't see it.)



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