How to Troll Penolopy BULLnick

About: I love comics manga anime and super heroes but most of all video games

In this instructable I will teach you how to troll Penolopy BULLnick/The Bull. But first let me take a selfie, oh wait that's not what I meant to type, whatever, I meant to say but first you have to know who The Bull is, she is a evil person on instructables, who eats my family, and she is evil, she gets rid of instructables that she doesn't like! Now that is what I call evil!

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Step 1: Make an Instructable

Make an Instructable like mine, if you don't know what I mean, look at my next steps.

Step 2: Pokemon


Step 3: Chicken Nuggets

I like chicken nuggets do you?

Step 4: Dragon Ball Z


Step 5: You Idkwjdkj Got Iskendkdje Trolled Jdjdidjehd Penolopy BULLnick

And now we r done! Okay bye



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