How to Use a Curling-Iron

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Intro: How to Use a Curling-Iron

Here is how to curl your hair with a curling-iron! :) (I know, I cast a weird shadow with a loop of hair :P)

Step 1: Materials

-Curling Iron
-Any hair accessories that you might want

Step 2: Using the Curling-Iron

Brush out hair. Turn on the wand and wrap a strand of hair around it. Keep it 15 seconds or less, we wouldn't want to be the girl on YouTube who burnt her hair off! Carefully slide or shake the hair off of the iron. Continue until you have curled the desired amount of hair.

Step 3: Accesorize!

I don't advise braiding or putting your hair up because it might undo your curls, but headbands and barrettes are okay as long as they don't require too much work, as it might also undo your curls. Make sure to pin any barrettes towards the top of your head so it won't undo your curls. I am using a stretchy white lace headband. I got it in a 3-pack of white, green and pink at Claire's.



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    4 years ago

    I'm just going to suggest replacing the picture of the brush with tons of hair in it, to a picture of a clean brush. other than that, great instructable!

    1 reply