How to Create a Bionic Egg

Introduction: How to Create a Bionic Egg

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yes the bionic egg I was sitting at the table thinking," I wish I could just shake and crack some awesome scrambled eggs straight out of the eggs I had" as you can see I'm rather lazy. I begin to ponder the future and the possibility of some crazy inventions on so the bionic egg was created and i began to search the web for stocks which in itself an art form. I provide everything from the .psd file, to the stocks I used, and all the settings I used in the layer styles.

Even though this is done in Photoshop, it can also be done in the free alliterative GIMP with a plugin I believe.

Please leave a comment if you leave a low rating as to why and if your just trolling or have an itching for low voting please go ahead i love you to XD. Again any questions you have about this affect drop it into the comments and i will get to it within a day usual. Also if you want help on another affect that your working on and need help send me a private message :D.

Step 1: Placing the Button

Yep open up Photoshop the size (768X1041) of the egg photo and then bring in the button. okay what I did to quickly get the button by itself I made a circle with the shape tool over the button ( you can lower the opacity of the circle layer in order to see the button better)then once the circle was the way i like it i held CTRL and left click the layer's preview ( see picture 7 with note) then I click the selection tool and right click the selected circle which a menu pops up and I pick the option "inverse selection" then I make sure the power button layer is selected on the layers panel then "delete" on my key board.

Step 2: Perspective

The button needs to be smaller i change the w: to 29.06% and the H: to 28.96%. Right click and you should see the word "perspective" click it and from the bottom right white square drag it till it looks right or go to the H: with the degree symbol is and change the number to -4.75 and that should give you what i have.

Step 3: Changing the Power Button Color

Create a new layer over the power button, change its Blending mode to hue, pick the color of your choosing I used color code 39b54a, And I zoom in with a small hard round brush and color on the blue to give it the green I want. TIP:(hold CTRL and click the layer with the power button then go to the new layer to avoid spill on the edges). Then get a soft round brush with an opacity off about 30% - 20% and go over the slight glow to change of the glow.

Step 4: Adding Details

start with a circle, created by the shape tool, at 200 px by 200 px then get it close to the center of the power button, create a rectangle that is 500 px wide and 20 px High then line it up with the center on the circle, and merge both layers together. Erase the extra from the rectangle. With both layers merged its time to mess with the blending option by right clicking the layer. go to inner shadow and change the opacity to 100%
turn of global light and keep it at 120 degrees
Choke: 20%
Size: 20

then gradient overlay
change the blending mode to overlay
the opacity to 30%

Step 5: Adding the Bevel

create another circle shape under the other circle layer using the tool that is 200 by 200 and put it right under the other circle then go to the blending options and go to bevel emboss.
style: outer bevel
technique: smooth
depth: 134
size: 21
soften: 2
global light off
altitude: 40

Step 6: Adding the Glow

pick a soft round brush at 400 px and 35% opacity then create a new layer about the hue layer, set the blending mode to soft light and click several times till you have a good glow you like i did about three.

If you enjoyed this instructable drop a comment and go check out my other Photoshop tutorial.

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    Cool, does the top open up automatically, I hate cracking eggs.