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Introduction: How to Fill in Eye Brows

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Brows brows brows. They can be daunting. Unless you're born with a great set of brows that are perfectly shaped and nice and full, most of us have to fill in our brows. Today my instructable is going to teach you a really basic and easy way to fill in your brow without spending big bucks or time.

Use your nose. Your nose will be the guide that will help you use to determine the start (A), end (B) and location of your arch (C). Use a straight object such as a brush, brow pencil, etc. Point A will be a straight line up from the side of the nostril; Point B will be diagonal from the side of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye; and Point (C) will be again diagonal from the side of your nostril but through the center of the eye through the pupil. Refer to the diagram for a visual. This will create balance for your brow and give you a great guideline on how long your brow should be and where to place the arch.

If you've got great brows already or have your brows professionally done at a salon, just follow the shape of your brow that is already in place.

As for the color of your brows, you can either match the color of your hair or the color of your brows. Today, 8 out of 10 people have their hair colored so the brows and tops of their heads don't usually match. If it's your style to rock the "yes, it's fake" look then by all means, let your natural brows shine. If you prefer to match, depending on the contrast of your color, you may need to get a brow tint. If it's not too much of a contrast, adjust the colors used on your brow.

You'll need:

  1. Brow powder or eye shadow in the color of your choice,
  2. Brow pencil in your color of choice,
  3. Brow gel clear or colored,
  4. Spoolie
  5. Brow brush (these usually come with the purchase of a powder)

Step 1: Adding Density

Using your brow brush and powder, start filling in your brows focusing on the tail (B) and body of the brow. Don't worry about it being perfect at this stage, we're just trying to use the powder to add some density to the brow.

If Point A of your brow really needs some density, use what's left over on your brush and try not to dip your brush for more powder. This part of the brow should not be too dense for a natural look.

Step 2: Defining & Texturizing

This step is really where you are going to define the shape of your brow. It is crucial that in this step to use a light hand otherwise your brow is going to look like a drawing outlined with a marker and colored in with a pencil. Light feathery strokes are ideal!

I prefer to use retractable brow pencils because the tips are a lot finer than traditional pencils that need sharpening. For me, it allows for more control and it's more versatile in application but this is just a matter of tool preference.

Lightly define the edges of your brow. If it's difficult to do this in one swift line, use light feathering strokes to achieve the same effect.

For most brows, Point A won't really need much defining, but if you need that definition, make sure that it is very VERY light. Try to mimic hair by using flicking motions.

At Point B, make sure that the top and bottom line connect to a crisp point and that they don't criss cross - which is a sure tell tale of your efforts before leaving the house.

For texturizing, go through the brow again with your pencil, focusing on creating hair-like strokes in gaps and areas of sparseness. The more you go through your brow with the pencil, the more dramatic the brow will be. Play around and see what you prefer!

Step 3: Brushing Brows

Using the spoolie, brush the hairs up. This step is great for blending any harsh lines that were left behind by your pencil.

Since we don't necessarily want to undo the work we just did, you'll want to use a light hand when brushing with the spoolie.

Step 4: Brow Gel

Sweep brow gel over the brow using upward motions (kind of like applying mascara). This is going to hold the brow hairs in place all day.

Step 5: Finish Makeup

Finish your eye makeup and voila, we are finished!

Pretty simple right?

Because everyone's brows are different and on top of that we all are going for different looks, my biggest tip for getting your perfect brow shape is to follow the guide posted. If you're really unsure or scared to do it on your own, consult a professional. Places like Sephora or even makeup counters at department stores will offer a sea of information and products on how to shape your brows. Ask questions and make sure that you're communicating with your brow specialist what it is that you want. Bring pictures, magazine clippings anything that will help you to get your look across.

Good luck, and I hope that this has been fun to follow!

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