How to Make Cool Shelves




Introduction: How to Make Cool Shelves

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Make shelves without injuring a ceiling and a floor.

And make it very easy!!

Step 1: Spread a Base Wood

Spread a base wood.

Step 2: Prepare Two Pillars

Prepare two pillars.

Step 3: Prepare Two Special Metal

Prepare two special metal fittings. These metal fittings are important.

Step 4: Fix Metal

Fix metal fittings to the top of pillars.

Step 5: Pick Up Pillars

Pick up pillars on the base wood.

Step 6: Turn Metal

Turn metal fittings and fix it.

Step 7: Fix Shelves Board

Fix shelves board with a screw from the bottom.

Step 8: Repeat Step7

Repeat step 7.

Step 9: You Finished It!!

It is completion!

Step 10:

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    30 Discussions

    What are you using for the "medal fittings"? Could you send a picture.

    Another idea is use wooden pegs to keep uprights in-place with the board that makes up the base.

    1 reply

    I don't see where it shows/tells me what the "metal fittings" are. I can conceive a couple of methods for securing the tops against, but not 'to' the ceiling. It'd be good if you'd be more specific, and include pics/vid of said parts you used. I've done something similar in my home, using thin wedges at the bottom ends of the verticals to secure it between floor and ceiling. Like yours, this arrangement holds more weight more securely than it looks, but I recommend periodically checking to be sure it's secure against floor/ceiling. If ceiling's Sheetrock, it'll compress some over time, and some floor materials/rugs do as well. Whatever "metal fittings" or wedges you use, do check 'em occasionally, never assume. Caca pasa.

    Yours is a great suggestion for renters whose landlords frown on holes, etc. Good on you!

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    As crazy as it sounds, those look like "self-levelling" screw feet, like what's found on a washing machine. I agree with you, though... they will compress over time, especially if they are very tight at first. The stress on the material will cause something to give, and the shelves could move or become dangerous.

    Still, I have the urge to show my husband and see if it's a design he wants in our house! Thank you for sharing this concept, ishiyasu.

    You are right! Thank you for comment!!

    Add adhesive-backed felt material (from home improvement store) to adjustable metal fittings (the "feet"). It compresses well and should help avoid scratching painted / finished surfaces.

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    Thank you for comment!! Though I say it myself, I'm satisfied this idea :)

    I did watch the video about 5 times, trying to catch the detail of how the board was fastened to the side bars...with no success, or I wouldn't have asked the question. My next question is why the gentleman hasn't answered my first question?

    2 replies

    Thank you for watching the video! I used two screws per end of each board. Have a happy New Year!! ;)

    Please excuse a possibly silly question. What keeps the shelves from flipping? Or tilting? If there was a list of materials, I could count the screws and divide by the number of shelves, but there isn't. What stabilizes the shelves, please? Thank you for your patience in explaining this.

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    i think he used 2 screws per end of each board. :) Merry christmas and happy new year btw...

    You are right!! I used two screws per end of each board!! Have a great new year!! ;)