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Introduction: How to Make Perfect Rice Everytime - Simple Trick

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In these three simple steps, you'll learn how to make perfectly fluffy, moist and delicious rice! I lived in Thailand for several years and fell in love with their food and all their rice dishes. My Thai friends taught me how it should be made and the texture it should have. But in returning to America, I didn't want to purchase a rice cooker. Instead, I decided to try using a small slow-cooker and the results were equally wonderful!
  1. Add 1 Cup of Rice into the small slow-cooker.
  2. Add 1 3/4 Cups of Water into the slow-cooker, mix.
  3. Turn that slow-cooker on high & let it cook - it may take an hour - but I find it much easier than standing over the stove - and much tastier than "minute" rice!
Rice Tips:
  • My favorite rice is Jasmine (Thai) rice - try that sometime if you want your rice to turn out like the kind you eat at an Asian restaurant - it's the best!
  • The photos in the instructable are of long-grain white rice - and it was also delicious!
  • Use a small tupperware or bowl if you want to plate your rice in a fancier way! Just pack the rice in, flip it onto the plate and remove!
  • If you want your rice even more moist, add 1/4 Cup more (1 Cup Rice, then 2 Cups Water)



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    5 Discussions

    I just reviewed all your instructables and this one caught my eye. My wife can never get rice to work, so I am going to try this. It seems fool proof and so easy and forget the rice cooker as we have a small kitchen and no room for more appliances.

    1 reply

    Just yesterday I was in our storage room wondering what to do with four small crock pots that were purchased years ago for a chili cookoff. Now I know!

    Definitely going to try this, as I love Jasmine rice. Thank you!

    1 reply