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Remote Control toys are one of the most common toys available in the market. They are so wonderful and fascinating gadgets that they appeal to the people of all age groups. Today, it is very simple to make a RC toy just by assembling few parts purchased over an online store but I wanted to make an RC toy by recycling few old stuff that i already had at home.

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make Remote Control Scorpion at home by recycling an old PC mouse. It is a fast moving wireless Remote control scorpion made of an old mouse, two DC motors, a wireless receiver and cardboard.

So, Lets get Started....

Step 1: Watch the Video

A video is surely a very powerful tool that provides deep insight to the procedure and makes it easy to follow. However, it is also recommended to visit next steps for additional information, images and improvement techniques.

Step 2: Order Required Parts

Although i had most of the parts at home but in case you need the parts, you can easily get them here online.

  1. PC mouse -
  2. DC Motor -
  3. Gears -
  4. Battery -
  5. TP4056 Charging Module -
  6. Hot Glue Gun -
  7. Soldering Iron -

  1. DC Motor -
  2. Gears -
  3. Battery -
  4. TP4056 Charging Module -
  5. Hot Glue Gun -
  6. Soldering Iron -

  1. DC Motor -
  2. Gears -
  3. Battery -
  4. TP4056 Charging Module -
  5. Hot Glue Gun -
  6. Soldering Iron -

From Home & Local Store: Thin Cardboard, flexible wire, super glue, big pearl bead and connecting wires. You also need a wireless receiver and transmitter circuit from an old broken RC toy.

Note: You can also make a receiver and transmitter at home by following the tutorial here but it is advisable to extract the circuit from a cheap RC toy available at local toy shops.

Step 3: Prepare the Body

  1. Open the old PC mouse carefully without damaging the body.
  2. Remove all the electronic circuits and wires such that only the bare plastic pieces of top and bottom remain.
  3. Using pliers, carefully peel off the excess and unwanted plastic supports from the base as well as the top. (Note: Make sure that the mouse is still able to close properly)
  4. Mark the points for the joints of all the scorpion body parts.
  5. Make two holes at front, two at the back and three (or four) holes on each side.
  6. Using mini drill, make holes at all the marked points.

Note: You can easily make a mini drill at home by following the tutorial here or watching the video.

Step 4: Prepare the Motors

  1. Take two good quality toy DC motors.
  2. Fix a small plastic gear over the motor shaft and cover it with hot glue to make a rubber like grip.
  3. Measure the motor dimensions approximately.
  4. Take the mouse base and as shown in the image cut two holes slightly larger than the size of the motor.
  5. Insert the motors in the holes at a certain angle such that only the motor shafts touch the ground when placed above a flat surface.
  6. Apply lots of hot glue on all the sides to properly secure the motors. (Note: Make sure to refer to the images above or watch the video to avoid any errors)

Step 5: Make Scorpion Legs

  1. Cut few pieces of a flexible wire of about 9" each.
  2. On a piece of cardboard, draw a line equal to that of a flexible wire.
  3. Refer to the image and draw the various parts of a leg over it.
  4. Cut all the parts and place the wire at the center.
  5. Using super glue paste the wire to the cardboard parts.
  6. Wait for the glue to dry well and then bend the legs in a U-shape.
  7. Make 6 or 8 pieces of similar legs.
  8. Insert the legs in the body base through the holes and secure them using hot glue.

Step 6: Finish Body Parts

Similar to the legs, we will now make the tail and scorpion claws.

  1. Cut few more longer flexible wires.
  2. Draw the body parts on the piece of cardboard.
  3. Cut all the parts and place them accordingly.
  4. Place the wire over them and paste the parts using super glue.
  5. Now, using hot glue, attach both the claws to the scorpion head (through two holes at the front).
  6. Similarly, attach the tail to the scorpion body. For the tail i used two wires to make it more stronger, however, even a single wire will work well.
  7. Use hot glue to secure all the parts properly to the plastic body.

Step 7: Make Rear Support

  1. Take an On/Off switch and cut a slit at the base.
  2. Insert the switch in the slit and secure it with hot glue.
  3. Take a large pearl bead with hole in the middle.
  4. Insert a 4" thick wire through the hole and bend both the ends at an angle of 90°.
  5. Slightly bend the bead assembly in form of an arc.
  6. Using hot glue, paste the bead assembly at the extreme rear center of the plastic base.

Step 8: Add Control Circuits

  1. Extract a wireless receiver circuit from an old broken RC toy or a cheap toy from a local shop.
  2. Although, most of the circuit boards have connections mentioned over them but still it is recommended to note the connections while extracting the circuit.
  3. Apply hot glue at the base of the plastic body and paste the circuit at the center.
  4. Refer to the circuit diagram above and solder the connections to the circuit board.
  5. Make sure to use a thin high current battery that can fix inside a mouse.
  6. It is recommended to use a rechargeable battery to make the project feasible to use.

Step 9: Add Charging Module

I have used a 3.7v Li-ion mobile battery which is ideal for this project as it is thin in size, affordable, provides good backup and can be charged easily with a TP4056 charging module.

  1. Connect the battery terminals to the input pins of the charging module.
  2. Connect the output of the charging module to the circuit pins.
  3. The project is now chargeable.
  4. Just connect any 5v USB mobile charger and turn the switch ON.
  5. Red light glows indicating the battery charge process.
  6. The LED color changes to indicate full Charge.

Step 10: Testing and Fun

  1. Turn the Switch to ON position and place the scorpion over a flat surface.
  2. Use the transmitter remote to test the operation of the scorpion.
  3. When both buttons on transmitter are pushed forward, the scorpion moves FORWARD.
  4. When both buttons on transmitter are pushed backward, the scorpion moves BACKWARD.
  5. When one button is forward and other backwards, it moves left and vice versa.
  6. If the motors move in different directions, try reversing the motor connections.

When everything works fine, carefully, close the top cover of the scorpion. Our homemade Remote Control Scorpion toy is now ready. If you liked the recycling of an old mouse into this wonderful scorpion, kindly consider supporting me by subscribing to my Youtube Channel here.

I have also made a similar project, A Wired Remote Control Snake, in which you won't need a receiver circuit. You can have a look at the detailed instructable here or watch the video below.

So Friends, this here concludes the instructable, stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE to receive regular updates. You can also contact me through social media; Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for your Support..!!

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    20 Discussions

    Elaina M

    4 months ago

    This is such a neat little build - Bravo!!

    1 reply

    4 months ago

    But do you still like it..??


    4 months ago

    Wow, that's so cool.
    You really made it look good.
    Very creative to use a computer mousse for the body!

    1 reply

    Reply 4 months ago

    Thanks...I am glad you like it...appreciation does help a lot..:)


    4 months ago

    Nice cyber-scorpion, though strictly it should have eight legs + claws and sting, not six.
    Just a thought, a little blob of hot melt glue on the ends of some of the legs could catch on the floor surface and give a juddering motion to it.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 months ago

    I am glad you like my work..:)
    Also, your suggestions seems good...thanks a lot..)


    5 months ago

    I just love this. Something to do with some of those old motors I have sitting around!
    I have stripped the guts (for parts) from so many old mice and thrown the cases - I wish I'd kept the cases now! Maybe I can still find one...
    I particularly like the way the ridges in the cardboard give the body parts a more natural look than if they were just smooth. Really good.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 months ago

    Thanks...I am glad you like it..:)
    It is also super fun to play with..i too enjoy it a lot may be cz there is no more satisfaction than making some good stuff yourself.


    5 months ago

    You just gave me the ultimate throwback to this PSP game. There was a mouse/scorpion/transformer enemy that looked just like this!

    2 replies

    Reply 5 months ago

    HECK YEAH! I was 10, so I naively enjoyed both the movie and the game. I never got past the third or fourth level, but the scorpion/mouse was like the most basic enemy. P.S. When I said "this" I meant your project, not the hamster.