How to Make a Custom Lamp From Cd Spindle



Would you like to do whis awesome lamp from recycling you'll need this:

-Two different size cd spindles

-Black paper (Or any other color you like)

-Light bulb

-Cellophane (The color you would like your lamp)

-Some tools like scissors, glue and a knife

Step 1: The Supplies

Step 2: For the Bigger One

We'll take the middle part away for the bulb to pass trough

Step 3: The Smaller One

We're going to mkae two holes one on the top that's the size of our bulb conector and a smaller one on the side for the cable

Step 4: Let's Assemble the Lamp

Fort let's put the light bulb conector as shown on the pictures, and should look like the one on the end

Step 5: The Design

Let's paste some black so it's the size of the cd spindle besides that to hide the upper part cut a circle so that it covers the top

Step 6: The Design 2

Now cut your design in the black paper once it's already the right size and over it paste the cellophane and put it back again. You're done you



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