How to Make a Laser in Stop Motion Pro

Introduction: How to Make a Laser in Stop Motion Pro

I wanted to know how to make a laser in my video, because my school cannot afford Adobe After Affects. So i was thinking of simple ways to create a laser in Stop Motion Pro so i found some clear red plastic string.

Step 1: Setting Up the Laser

Set up your laser stand where you have your green screen and rap it around the stand and tie it. Now tape it to any where, but make sure that you are level. Check out this video on how to set up your green screen.

Step 2: How to Use Rig Removal

  1. First you click on tools, and then you click on rig removal.
  2. Now choose your background plate.It should be the empty background shot.
  3. Now choose your brush size you want and hold the left mouse button to start erasing.
  4. Save as you go along. You can always go back to your original pictures if you need to. Just click on Editor.  

Step 3: Finised Product

Now you're done. Export it and get some cool sound effects and make it awesome!!! Here's the exported video from Stop motion pro with added sound effect and titles done in Adobe Premiere. Click on my other instructable, to see some other techniques that I used in Adobe Premiere.

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