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Introduction: How to Reuse Glass Jars

Do you always end up with more jars or bottles after a quick run to the grocery store? Throwing them away would be such a waste but just what can you do with them? Lucky for you, we have some neat ideas on how you can recycle those jars and bottles.

If you are wondering how you can put those empty glass jars and bottles into good use, here’s a quick guide for you:

Step 1: Use Empty Jars to Store Sewing Materials.

Since glass jars usually have openings large enough to fit your hands in, you can use these as storage small items like sewing materials. These can be filled with buttons, needles, thimbles or threads. Just be sure to place the jars in a safe place to avoid breaking them.

Step 2: Turn Your Jars or Bottles Into Vases.

You can also try making flower vases out of glass containers. Just clear the contents of the jars and add the right amount of water. Place flowers or plants in the jars then display the glass vases on your table or porch. To make these look more enticing, you can decorate the jars by adding ribbons or stickers.

Step 3: Use Them As Candle Holders.

If you wish to light up your place in a creative way, you can place candles inside the glass jars. You’ll be amazed at how amazing the candles would look after they’ve been lit inside the jars. This is perfect for parties, romantic diners and even sleepovers.

Step 4: Store Leftovers in Glass Bottles.

You can also use large jars to store leftovers. Got too much chicken stock? Use the glass jars as temporary storage. Just be sure not to lose the lid. You’ll need the lid to prevent food contamination. You should also stick labels on the bottles to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Step 5: Pack Gifts Using the Glass Jars.

If you’re planning to give chocolates, candies or other treats as presents, you can place these in the jars. Just be sure to design the jars; wrap them with ribbons or gift wrappers. These will make your gifts look more impressive and sentimental.

There are so many other ways that you can reuse glass bottles. Just keep in mind that you need to be creative for these to look presentable. Remember to clean and label the jars and bottles first before using them for anything.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Ever since I was infested by pantry moths, I've used my jars to store bulk items like beans, sugar, grains, etc. I found out the moths can chew right through the thickest plastic. Doing this has prevented at least one other infestation.