How to Shoot a Compound Bow | Bow Hunting Tips EP. 20

Introduction: How to Shoot a Compound Bow | Bow Hunting Tips EP. 20

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How To Shoot a Compound Bow: 5 Easy Steps

Ever wanted to learn how to shoot a compound bow, but not sure where to start? How about starting with this video! We'll go over the five essential steps to shooting a compound bow, before you know it, you'll be hooked!

We are currently shooting a Mathews Monster Chill, draw length ranges between 23" - 30", shoots 333 feet per second, weighs 3.9 pounds, has a brace height of 7", draw weight between 50-70 lbs., and the retail price is about $999.

Before jumping into shooting your bow, we always check our strings and make sure they're waxed to our liking. This will help preserve the life of your strings and keep them from quickly fraying

  1. Athletic Stance- bend your knees, lean a bit into the shot, almost like you're getting ready to shoot a shotgun
  2. Nock it Before You Try it- nock the arrow onto the string, you'll hear and feel it connect and click onto the string, don't move forward with your shot until you know for sure that arrow is solid and has clicked onto the string. Place the arrow onto the rest and lock it up. To draw, first extend the bow with your front lead arm, using this arm as an 'anchor', then follow up by pulling the arrow back with your back arm and shoulder
  3. Anchor and Aim- Now that your bow has been drawn, find your anchor point with your back hand resting somewhere along your cheek or nose. You're now ready to use the peep hole and your sights to aim your bow directly on your target
  4. Relaxed Release- You can work to find a release you like, but use a relaxed release grip so it doesn't take much to pull the release once you're ready, just a light tap or 'fall' with your fingers
  5. Practice Like a Hunt- Remember, the whole point of practicing is to prepare yourself for a hunt, so try to incorporate hunting like motions, movements and intense situations while shooting your bow

Most importantly though, have fun and stay safe!

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Fantastic. i is good for a person who has been shooting for a few years to just get back to the basics again, because, as I have found, you tend to slowly bring mistakes into your shooting over time.

    The Sticks Outfitter
    The Sticks Outfitter

    Reply 3 years ago

    Bad habits are too easy to let sneak into our shots!