How to Change Colors Seamlessly in Crochet...Without That Little Bridge!




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Do you know how to change colors in crochet? If you do, how about seamlessly? This is a really cool trick to add in a new color and make it look perfect!

If you’re familiar with joining in a new color…you know that little bridge you get when normally adding in new color before starting your next stitch?! Well, this gets rid of that and blends in effortlessly with the rest of your stitches!

If you’ve never joined in a new color, then you’ll love this technique to start of learning!

Enjoy the video below, follow the photo tutorial…or both!

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Step 1: I Am Going to Work My Next Double Crochet, So Yarn Over With the Yarn You’ve Been Using.

Step 2: Go Through the Stitch As Normal

Step 3: Draw Your Yarn Over Back Through the Stitch, Towards You

Step 4: You Now Have 3 Stitches on Your Hook. Yarn Over Again.

Step 5: Now, Draw Your Yarn Over Back Through Only the First 2 Loops.

Step 6: Here Is Where the Fun Begins!

Normally you would yarn over and draw through these last two loops for a double crochet…
This is the point where you will add in your new yarn color!

Step 7: Loop Your New Yarn Color Over Your Hook!

Step 8: Draw Your New Yarn Color Back Through the Last Two Loops on Your Hook!

Step 9: ​Hold Down Your Old Yarn and New Yarn Taildown in the Back With Your Fingers Until Your Next Double Crochet Is Worked

This will keep your loop from getting loose and loppy! You will weave in these yarn tails into their own color section once finished. You are now prepped to start crocheting in your new yarn color!

Step 10: Continue Crocheting As You Normally Would With Your Awesome New Color!

Step 11: That's It! :D

That’s it! You now know how to join in a new color when crocheting…seamlessly! Yay! May this new learned skill empower you to crochet all you can!

Got questions? Ask away in comments below!

Keep Crocheting!



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    5 Discussions


    4 months ago

    Do you just weave in your ends to finish up?


    6 months ago

    Really cool! I started crocheting in 1971. I should have figured this out already. Lol

    mazzy mitchell

    2 years ago

    That's awesome! Your instructions were wonderfully simple and easy to follow. It's a neat way to keep it from looking horrible when you switch colors. Thumbs up!

    Fluffybunny 13

    3 years ago

    thanks for the help my crochet stitches always had a giant bridge.


    3 years ago

    wow, looks easy, thanks for the tutorial