How to Exercise Using a Park Bench! the Bench Burn Out!

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Emran at presents The Bench Burn Out!

In this continuing video series Emran will teach you how to utilize your surrounding environment to get a great work out! Adaption and creativity is the key!

Burn fat, tone and tighten your body with The Bench Burn Out! This workout requires a bench, plyo box or some sort of very sturdy elevated surface that will support your weight. You will be amazed what you can do with the bare minimum props! Veronica will take you through 5 hardcore exercises that are sure to give your muscles a run for their money! Make sure you watch after the routines for some great tips on form by Veronica!

Good luck and never give up!


Bench Jumps [30 seconds]

10 seconds rest

Tricep dips [30 seconds]

10 seconds rest

V-Crunches [30 seconds]

10 seconds rest

Incline Push Ups (narrow grip) [30 seconds]

10 seconds rest

Bench Step ups W/ Knee Thrusts [30 seconds]

Rest for 1 minutes then repeat 4 times!

Note: During the 30 seconds of work try your best to do as many reps as you can with proper form!

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