How to Get the Energy Sword in Halo 1

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instructions on how to get the energy sword in halo 1

Halo PC(u can use trial if u want)
Halo Map Tools (if it doesnt work download Microsoft Network frame)
Halo Map Tools plugins (I got mine from a MA5C Assault rifle at filefront)
since this is not my sword Full credit goes to echoranger449 from Filefront

Good looks
Perfect crosshair (Rectile)
the crosshair will show in all maps
no custom sound yet
if u have a mac the sword will be purple like mine is

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Step 1: Step 1, Difficulty: Medium.

Go to:;95305
then download it
when its done make a folder called "Backups" in: C:Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo/Maps.
Then copy these files:,,, and paste the files into the Backups folder. Ok now go out on the desktop and make a folder called: Halo. then open the folder, Make a new folder called: Energy Sword. still with me? if your not then comment if you are still with me then good. ok now open the folder u downloaded (Cryosis) ok then double click: Install_Cryosis.exe now install it when its done open Halo Map Tools then open then click on: [bmp]Bitmaps tag then scroll down til u see Plasma Rifle click on it you should now see a picture of the color of the gun(should be the color of an energy sword) press the Extract button. are you still with me? if your not comment and il give easier instructions. Now extract that into Halo/Energy Sword. ok now close the bitmaps tag go into the tag called: [mod3]Model PC ok now see Plasma Rifle/fp/fp click on it you should now see a pic of the model (Energy Sword Model) press "Extract Model" extract it at: Halo/Energy Sword and then close the map . Yay the longest step is over!

Step 2: Step 2, Difficulty: Easy-Medium.

now go into Program Files/Microsoft Games/Halo/Maps/Backups copy those files and paste them into Maps(if a window comes up that if you want to replace files select "Yes to all") ok now Halo is back to normal but we can still get the energy sword without the mod open Halo Map Tools and open a map do not do bloodgulch (example b30/ The Silent Cartografer) now open the bitmaps tag find Plasma RIfle press Import then a window should come up press the Desktop Button then open Halo/Energy Sword then you should see a file double click it and Vola u get a color of an Energy Sword.
ok now close the bitmaps tag then open the Model PC tag the find plasma rifle/fp/fp press import model then a window should come up press the desktop again and find halo/energy sword then u should see a file double click it and then save

Step 3: Step 3 (Plugins Required)

this is sorta a difficult step find the weapons tab then find plasma rifle then find something that says: heat(checkbox unchecked) then u should see alot of heat stuff change it all to 0 save and close the weapons tab then go to damage tab find plasma rifle/melee find the damage some should be in this order:
change it to:
save it then thats it

Step 4: Step 4(if U Want Rectile)

NOTE if u want the rectile do not backup your bitmaps install it then open halo map tools and open bloodgulch find the bitmaps tab then find ui/hud/bitmaps/combined_rectiles

extract the 5th one save and close the map choose a different map then open the same tag and do the whole thing again exept import it instead of extract save and ur done.

Step 5: Using It

this is much more easier then getting a pelican and dont go trying to kill an elite with an energy sword.
First go and kill an elite with a plasma rifle it will look like a plasma rifle but when u pick it up its an energy sword you can only shoot once then it will overheat and will never stop overheating unless u pick up another gun heres a list what this sword can kill easily:
Hunter: 1 - 2 hits
Jackal: 1 hit
Elite: 2 hits (if u hit him in the back its 1 hit)
Combat Elite(flooded elite) 2 - 4 hits
combat human 1 - 3 hits
fat flood guys 0 - 1 hit (if u bump into him he will trip and explode lol)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    when i batch extracted it, and then i opened the energy sword folder, it was still empty


    10 years ago on Step 3

    Where the hell do i get theese plugins ??????? ------------- ?????????? , - because i have modded campaign so you play as an elite and instead of marines you have lower elites - i need the sword to finish - HELP MEHHHHH

    2 replies
    SonicX 22jabbathegut1

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     i know its kinda late but in Eschaton you can make npc's/AI use different guns EG: make a Jakal have a plasma rifle, so imagine making the player have an energy sword


    9 years ago on Introduction

    All I did for camaign mode was set the energy sword so it doesn't disappear when dropped, and set it so i could pick it up...

    3 replies

    10 years ago on Step 1

    which kind of extract? it has all these different types, which one?

    lol man

    10 years ago on Step 1

    i dont get it can u make it simpler please

    SonicX 22

    10 years ago on Step 1

    you have to download Halo Map Tools

    Djzz Sammie

    10 years ago on Step 1

    ok i downloaded the cryosis it updated and every thing but i dont noe what to do now there is nothing there like "halo map tools" help me out here thnx

    bighead5454SonicX 22

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    hey since yo u are good at this could you help me cause Halo Hacker Tools wont owrk with the trial version and i was wondering what modding system would work with it


    Mine isn't working. The message it gives me is: "There are no controls to display, because a supported tag has not been selected." Any advice?