How to Make a Camoflaged Lego Figure

Introduction: How to Make a Camoflaged Lego Figure

This is how to make a cool camo lego guy.
All you need is

Different "camo themed" sharpies
A white or lightly colored lego figure
About 30 minutes

Step 1: Head

First take the head off, and plan what you will draw on it.  I chose the simple ski mask.  just be careful not to draw on something you don't want to draw on, like the eyes.

Step 2: Body

When your done with the head, start on the body.  Take off the guys arms (Don't worry, he can't feel it!), and get to work on that camo!

Step 3: Legs and Done!

Finally, do the legs.  Be sure to get all sides of them.  When your done with those, just put him back together, and your done!  Please leave some comments for what i should do next!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    extra points if you choose "carpet colored" camoflaged pens.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sadly, those were the only camo like sharpies i had. :(