How to "Pull" Off a Classic Prank!

Introduction: How to "Pull" Off a Classic Prank!

This easy, classic prank can be done at home or in a college dorm. It's such a simple concept, yet is quite hilarious to witness. There's much to be said about the beauty of simplicity!

This short video provides a quick tutorial and an example of the execution of the prank:


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Step 1: The Setup

You will need a length of rope or strong chord, two doors that are positioned across from each other in a hallway (or positioned close together perpendicularly as shown in the video), and at least two unsuspecting people.

Make sure that there is at least one person in each room. While their doors are closed, tie one end of the rope or chord to one doorknob and the other end to the other doorknob. Leave about an inch or two of slack....just enough to allow both doors to open just a bit.

Just in case, you may want to have scissors or a knife ready in case there is an emergency and the people actually need to get out of their rooms.

Step 2: Pulling It Off!

Here's the fun part:

Knock on both doors. The occupants will try to open their respective doors and will be unable to fully open them. The best-case scenario of this prank will be a hilarious tug of war that ensues as each victim simultaneously tries to open their door. After trying this prank numerous times in different buildings, I've found that the tug of war usually ends up happening whether it happens right away or after a minute or so. Enjoy, have fun and be safe!

The video shows the full effect of this classic prank:


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    9 years ago on Step 2

    I did this prank on my friends who were passed out across the hall from each other.  When they got up to pee they eventually ended up ripping the door handle off and were be careful