How to Remove Oders From a Book.




Introduction: How to Remove Oders From a Book.

some times you pick up a used book from a local retailer or off only to realize when you get home that it has a terrible odor. Thankfully unlike other things (stains, missing or ripped pages, bug holes etc.) you can actually do something about it. There are several common household items that can remove odors.

First off Some general advice. Smell books in used condition if at all possible. The best way to deal with odors in a book is not to have them.

What you will need:

      A plastic bag big enough to hold the book. (ziptop works a treat but plane garbage bags will work for large books. Just don't forget that it's not trash.
      A plastic bowl.
      Dryer sheets
      Baking powder
      Charcoal (activated preferable but briquets work too.)

What you don't need, don't want but, do have:
      A book with funky odors.

Step 1: Scents

First step place several dryer sheets in the bag. Place the book in question on top.

Most dryer sheets have a mild scent that will help to cover up the odor of the book.

Now there is some issues about putting them in the book itself however I find this more effective.

Step 2: Odor Removers.

Place the charcoal and a few table spoons of the baking powder in the bowl and place the bowl on the book in the bag then seal it. Be careful not to to get any of the charcoal or the baking soda on the book.

The baking powder reacts with the odor causing chemicals and destroys them.

The charcoal has millions of tiny pores. Each one is capable of capturing the molecules of smell in the air.

Step 3: Time

Now that you've sealed the bag the smell will fade over time. Leave the bag sealed for between a week to several months depending on severity of the odor checking periodically. Find a place where the book can sit without being disturbed.

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    Good 'ible, you made me have to check my old D&D books for smells and they definatly smell like a book.