How to Repair Your Graphics Card by Baking It!


Introduction: How to Repair Your Graphics Card by Baking It!

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You might not need to buy a new graphics card which can be expensive and only adds to environmental waste!  How to fix your video graphics card by baking it!  My video card is a Nvidia 8800 Geoforce GT. Squiggly lines showed up on my computer! Remove the video card from your tower, remove the screws, clean off the thermal compound paste with qtips and rubbing alcohol, place the card face up on 4 tinfoil balls on a baking sheeting, preheat oven to 375ºf and bake for 10 minutes.  Remove from oven and let cool for 30 minutes.  Put the video card back together and put it back in your tower, start up your computer, cross your fingers and hope for the best!  This worked for me, no guarantees that it will work for you! Make sure you use oven mitts!

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my nvidia msi 460 is not showing anything on the monitor. its fans and lights are working properly but no graphic is appearing on the monitor. please what can i do to function it?

I just tried it. It didn't go well for me :(
Two capacitors and an IC just popped off and landed on the tray below the board! I guess I just have to shop for a new one now.

did you skip putting thermal paste on or edit it out, that is a huge part the card wont last even hours if you dont

I been thinking about doing this to my GTX 580. But I'm guessing you don't really need heat all over the board right? Couldn't I shield most of it like a turkey? with welders heat resistant blanket?

Really worked my HD6870 had green lines everywhere and shut down when I tried running a game with it, baked it at 193 degrees centigrade for ten minutes and it worked , the lines are gone!!!

What if I don't apply the thermal paste?

I use 170 degree celcius in 10 min, because the oven seems can't reach 200 C... and it worked on ATI Firepro 3D :D

dont forget the new thermal compound... sorry don't have any images
and don't breath the fumes from the oven, that's nasty things you don't want it stay in your lung

THERMAL COMPOUND ! Do not do this unless you have cleaned ALL of the old thermal compound/paste from the heat sink and the gpu. Reapply new thermal compound before putting it together or you will fry your card !


4 years ago

where did you get that idea? it's awsome i shiuld test it on my broken laptop's motherboard.

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Thanks! A friend told me it was possible and then I googled it! I was a little disappointed with the tutorials I found so I decided I might as well make my own tutorial while I try baking my video card!

I saw your video but you totally missed the ball by not applying new cooling thermal grease. That is why you should stick to things you know.

Cool .. how did u get the idea?

I recently cleaned my graphic card (loads of dust accumulation under the fan on the processor) and then it worked... didnt bake though. But anyways great repair!!!

Watch out for toxic fumes!! It is better to use a separate "non food" oven for reflowing. This is how it works. Nice tutorial, clear and easy to follow.

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Yes! I did it with the window wide open and walked away from the graphic card as soon as I pulled it out of the oven. I kept the oven on and the door open to clear the fumes out of it. Thanks for watching!

Hmmm, I didn't realise what you'd want to bake your card for, until indulis explained about the solder. Crazy idea, but if it works, I'm okay