How to Save Money

Introduction: How to Save Money

Saving money isn't that hard. If you follow these methods, you'll be saving lots of money!

Step 1: Electricals

Electricity isn't free. It costs a lot of money. But, here are tips on how to save money on electricity:

1. Unplug cords when they are not in use. You may think that just because your electricals aren't on makes it not take up electricity. It still does. So, you can mark which cords are which and unplug them. You may save money doing this.

2. Lower the temperature on the furnaces. This will save you money, because furnaces use more electricity if set at a higher temperature. Doing this will help save money.

3. Shut off laptops when you sleep. If your laptop is not shut off all the way, it still uses up power. So, shut the laptop off and unplug the cord to save money.

4. Shut everything off before you leave the house. Make sure there's no lights on, or no cords plugged in when not in use, and make sure the door's shut (this is so that the furnace doesn't work harder to get the house at the set temperature). This will definitely save you money.

Step 2: Other House-Hold Items

House-hold items like toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and other items cost money while in use. Here are ways of saving money on using items like these:

1. Take shorter showers. Water isn't free. So, take shorter showers to save money.

2. Use cooler water. Hot water is more expensive than cold water, because hot water needs to be heated up before use (otherwise it's not hot water). So, while taking showers, or using the sinks, use cooler water. This can help save lots of money.

3. Put rocks in the toilet tank. This is an extreme move, but here's how you do it. Take about six buckets (not too big), and fill them up with rocks. Take one bucket, dump it in the tank, and flush the toilet to see if the flush is still strong. Keep dumping in rocks until the flush gets too weak, and that's when you take some rocks out. Try and use up some rocks while seeing little to no change in the strength of the flushes. Again, this is an extreme move, but this will save a lot of money on water.

Step 3: Vacations

Vacations is difficult for money. Here are some steps to help you plan a great vacation, while spending less:

1. Find the best price on hotels online. Don't go to a hotel that costs too much money. Doing this will help with saving money.

2. Buy cheaper alcohol. Don't buy an $100 bottle of wine. Find a nice bottle that you like that's cheap and buy that instead. This will save money.

3. Drink less alcohol at places, and drink more at home. This doesn't mean drink a little bit at a fancy place and get drunk at home! That's not a good idea! Drink little to no alcohol at any places or restaurants, and drink what you would normally drink at those places at home. It costs more money to go out and drink at a restaurant then drinking at home. Doing this will help you save money.

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    Bloody Cleaver
    Bloody Cleaver

    5 years ago

    I will definitely drink more at home!