How to Simulate Joker Gas in a Haunted House Setting

Introduction: How to Simulate Joker Gas in a Haunted House Setting

so you are planning a batman themed party, maybe a nice "charity auction" at Wayne Manor, and the joker did not get an invite. well of course the sensible thing is to kill off the people and take the money for himself, and lets face it, no Joker mass murder is complete without his signature Joker Gas
the idea is simple. you will need a zip strip and a can of Febreze. when your ready for the "attack" simply pull the strip tight and their you go.
now it's your turn to have fun. paint the can, get some actors, you could even set it up so it sprays through the wall.
so next time your painting a smile on your face, remember the little details that give the audience a grin (weather they want it or not).

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Aww dude!
    This would be a SUPER awesome if they had these as smoke bombs.
    Just a little puff (Cubic foot or three of smoke) in a banaca container... Id pay $2 each for those.
    Im off to google again to see if I can make one.
    Canned air on a bag of green powder... Hmmm.

    Really good idea here. It would make a great bonus effect. ;)