How to Turn a Coffee Bag Into a Hanging Planter.




Introduction: How to Turn a Coffee Bag Into a Hanging Planter.

I love to drink coffee that comes in those flexible silver lined bags. I also love to grow things. The coffee bags seem to me to be pretty sturdy and I really hate throwing them away if I can use them for something else. So, after thinking about what I could do with these bags, it came to me to make flower "pots" out of them.

These little bags make a great, quick project for the home gardener. To make this project you'll need:

An empty coffee bag (remove the plastic coated wire glued to the bag for other uses).
A hole punch
Wire for hanging the finished project

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools and Accessories.

Tools and accessories. I used what I had on hand, which was the small grommets that are typically used by scrapbookers.

Step 2: Empty Bag(s).

These are the two bags that I will be using for this instructable.

Step 3: Grommets.

This is a close up photo of the grommets before I put them onto the bags.

Step 4: Bags.

Here you can see that I flipped the upper edge of the bag down to make sure this will hold up to the weight of soil and a plant.

Step 5: Put Holes in the Bottom of the Bag for Drainage.

I used my hole punch to put holes through both layers of plastic bag at the bottom for drainage. Holes are punched in the top to accommodate the metal grommets.

Step 6: This Is How It Looks With the Grommet in Place.

Step 7: Finished Project.

I found some old 18 gauge wire that my husband had leftover from a job and used it to make a hanger, filled it with soil and a flower. Then I checked to make sure that it drains properly so that the water doesn't stand inside the bag which can cause root rot.



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    19 Discussions

    hmm? a very interesting invention. might be adaptable to coffee cans and coffee jugs too.

    did you make two, or put one bag inside the other for strength? Not sure why 2 bags were needed....... Thanks for the great instructable!

    1 reply

    Hi, I actually made two that day and a couple more later on. Thanks for the compliment. Have a great day! Debbie...(O: ><>

    Awesome idea! I really wanted to make this for my mom, but alas I don't drink coffee. So I improvised and used a wooden cigar box. Here's my final product!

    cameraphone 034.jpg
    1 reply

    Oh, this looks totally awesome! I have to confess that our neighborhood is having a "clean up your backyard" campaign and what is ending up out on the curbside may very well end up in my back You're giving me ideas and inspiration. I love the idea of the cigar box, now I'm going to have to head out and find other stuff to convert. Have a great day!

    Hi Dana, I would try it just to see how it turns out for you. Maybe if the print on the bag is interesting, you could seal it with a spray on polyurethane? Let me know if you try it and how well it turns out. Olyve....(O: <><

    Kewl! Those look terrific! I'll be making more this weekend (I've been saving bags). Thanks....(O:

    Neat idea, those coffee bags are pretty sturdy can look quite nice, I'll try it! I love your hammer by the way,

    6 replies

    Thanks! My neighbor gave me the hammer since I'm always "in to" something. Is there a place on here where people can post the projects that they've made using an instructable? It would be nice to see what yours will look like when it's finished. I love this website, don't you?

    A friend brought me back some coffee from Cuba, it sure makes a nice planter!


    This looks totally cool. I love looking in the stores now for different looking coffee bags and am getting ready to make more of these. Thanks so much for sharing. Debbie...(O: ><>

    Most people would post their pictures here under the comments. I'll have to wait until gets a bit warmer where I am before I start l panting though. Have you entered this instructable in the contest?

    Which contest? Thanks for the idea. The day I made these planters the weather was beautiful, but then the next day it got cold and windy. Now, I'm ready to go out and buy more coffee...(O: Time to make another planter.

    add a larger grommet to the bottom center and make it work like one of those upside down tomato planters they sell on tv

    1 reply

    Hey Lighthouse, That's a terrific idea. I like it so much I went out and bought a larger bag of coffee to give it a try. Now I need to get the grommets in that size. Olyve...(O: ><>

    This is neat! I wouldn't have thought of it myself but now I'm going to use that almost empty coffee bag in the pantry and hang it from my mail box.