I Pod Stand

Introduction: I Pod Stand

Ok so I know the pictures aren't perfect but ill try my best. The prop (i pod case) used in some pictures is the same size as your I pod so don't worry p.s. this is for I pod 4th generation.When I was making this I didn't have a lot of pieces left from prior buildings so I wanted to use as least amount as possible but I wanted to keep it sturdy. After a few tries I finally got it

Step 1: Getting Started

What you need

Total pieces:22

Step 2: Making the Sides

Making the sides you'll need your yellow, red and white connectors and your green rods

Step 3: Attaching the Red Rods

DONT add your white rods yet! Wait red comes first. When attaching red rods attach them at the very end near the tip. If not this could result in a very unattractive docking station. Attach three to the white connector (in places shown in picture above)attach one rod to the bottom of the yellow connector and one on the red one very top. If you get confused just look at the picture.

Step 4: Connecting the Sides Together

This is where it gets kinda tricky so try to pay attention and follow along and you'll do just fine .

Step 5: Last Rod

Attaching the white rods are simple just attach them from the white connector to the red connector (picture helps)

Step 6: Decorating (optional)

On mine I used colorful duct-tape to decorate where I sit my I pod but of course the possibilities are endless in decorating and building so let your imagination flow free!

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    6 years ago

    Ya sorry about that I changed the name..it makes sense now


    6 years ago

    Its just a stand not a docking station...


    6 years ago

    Sorry this is my first instructable and I just got the app if its confusing I'm sorry if not great